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When are we living in Christ? When we live according to His Gospel and His Church. For He Himself, and not only His Gospel, is in the Church with all of His perfections and virtues. The Church is the eternally living Body of the God-man Christ. In her we find the medium of the holy mysteries. In her we find the means of holy good deeds. Our Lord Jesus Christ abides inseparable from the Church in this world. He abides with each member of the Church throughout all ages. He has His entire self for us in the Church, and continually gives Himself to us entirely, so that we might be enabled to live in this world as He lived.
(St. Justin Popovich, Explanation of I John, 4:9, 17)


The Parish Ministry Council                 

                  The purpose of this Parish Ministry Council is to allow every ministry, directed by the priest/Bishop to be done in good order, for the fulfillment of the mission of Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church, which is to be in union with God and with each other. These ministries are the work of the people in the local Church in Crossingville.

                   The goal of the Parish Ministry Council is two fold: first, to unify our ministry efforts assisting the parish priest in fulfilling our mission, and secondly to create better lines of communication to all members of the parish, so members know in advance about services, events, prayer notices, etc.

                   These gathered leaders will meet with the parish priest to discern of the Holy Spirit the ministry direction of the parish, to share the progress of the various teams and their needs, and to plan our parishes services, events and outreaches for the coming 3 months and plan yearly events well in advance.

                    All the teams and groups of the faithful workers are now going to join together to pray, share ideas, and plan a 3 month calendar: (Sept-Nov., Dec.- Feb., Mar.-May, Jun.-Aug.) Meeting dates: Sat. Nov. 17th, Sat. Feb. 16th, Sat. May 18th, and Sat. Aug. 17th.

                    Our present parish ministries all fall under one of four pillars, outlined by Met. Tikhon at our last All American Council of the OCA. They are: Spirituality/Worship, Relationship with others, Outreach/Evangelism, and Stewardship. In keeping with the spirit of unity this new ministry structure for our parish will keep these four foundations for our work in mind.

                     Each individual team is listed on this site.

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